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Law and Order SVU! These actors are supporting a great cause! I especially hate the “She was asking for it” and “Boys will be boys”.

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So in one of my grade 5 lessons today a male student calls me over. Here is word for word what happened:
Student: Teacher?
Me: Yes?
Student: Can I have your heart? (holds hand over heart)
Me: (break down laughing because it was so unexpected and cute)
Me: (come to my senses)
Me: I'm sorry but I need it to live.
I normally wouldn't have laughed but it just hit me from right field - never saw it coming! This confession was soo cute and endearing but I of course had to turn him down. I never encourage romantic feelings but when they confess I always try to let students down gently. This was by far the best confession I've ever gotten - and from a grade 5 student who doesn't speak a ton of English! XD

My First Ever Chuseok!

Sugary Coated Goodness?

Just finished lunch and since Wednesday it’s a special menu - we got SPAGHETTI! Yay! And garlic bread! But wait! This garlic bread is slathered in sugar. It tastes super sweet. It’s the one thing I cannot get over - Korea, why is your bread so sweet? And, as if it’s not already sweet enough, why do you add more sugar?!?! Garlic bread was sadly ruined for me today but oh well there was apples! Totally makes up for it!

Funny Things My Students Say - Part 1

Student: Where are you from?
Me: I'm from Canada.
Student: Do you know Justin Bieber? (proceeds to start singing JB's "Baby")
Me: Yes. (Trying desperately not to laugh). I know Justin Bieber.
He must be a die hard fan to know Justin Bieber is Canadian. The first thing another student said when they heard I was from Canada was "Maple Syrup!" I was like, "Yes, Canada is known for it's maple syrup".

Lesson Presentation is DONE!

My lesson was a huge

When my classmates gave their feedback I was like

because it was so positive! Hardly any comments about how we could improve it!

When I was done it felt like a huge weight had been lifted, like I was boneless! Best way to describe it:


Worried Professor Snape —> Relieved Professor Snape XD

Are you learning Korean?

Are you a visual learner?

If you answered yes to these questions then check out this comic. It really helped me remember the Korean alphabet by relating the letters to what they look like that contain a similar English sound (e.g., ㄷ is closest to a /d/ sound in English and it looks like a door). Sorry if my explanation sucks but check out the comic!

I randomly selected this M/V to watch and fell in love with the song and video. I have never listened to anything from 선이 (Sunmi) but I really love her voice so I’ll have to look into her other songs. Kudos to whoever shot this video since it is one of the best made music videos I’ve seen in awhile. My favourite part is at 2:28 when her clothes seem to molt from white to black. I keep watching the video to try to catch all the small details so the director definitely knew what he/she was doing.


So we had our medical check up today to make sure I’m not infested with disease/bringing shit into the country LOL!!

Hopefully I passed.

But we walked in a handed over our pee to a guy and I saw all the other pee tubes and literally the first one was RED!!!! WTF RED OMGGGG Maybe it was from a…

It was definitely a fun atmosphere on the x-ray bus when I was on. Lots of jokes and laughter! XD

I give my blood to you Korea

So just finished my medical exam and it took longer than expected but I’ll go through the steps one at a time. So I was in the first group and I thought I was really early but when I arrived there was already a line. I reached the front got a medical form and handed in my money (I remembered to touch my elbow oh yeah!). I then was given a cup and a pipette thing to collect my urine. I was like OMG nooo!

blood gif photo: No! tumblr_lbzlzcaCsv1qzllsr.gif

This was supposed to happen later! Thankfully I still had some pee so yay!

I was shocked the guys who took my urine sample weren’t wearing gloves but whatever moving on.

After I went and got my height (169.5cm) and weight (63kg). I’m going to have to get used to these new measurements since in Canada I use feet/inches (5 feet 6 inches) and pounds (138 lbs). I then did the hardest eye test ever - and I was even wearing my classes (which they didn’t tell us to bring but I did thank goodness or I would have been like - “There’s something on the screen? What?!?).

Me during the eye exam:

Then it was blood pressure (normal yay!) and a colour blind test. Following this was a verbal medical discussion (very basic questions). Finally it was the dreaded blood test.

I basically close my eyes and look away

sigh gif photo:  tumblr_leb6dyvGMd1qbq9qv.gif

Thankfully the nurse was really good and so it was pretty painless. No fainting for the win!

After picking up a chocolate muffin and water it was off to the X-ray bus. I was close to the front when a staff member took the last half of the line to the second bus to speed up the process which I had been saying they should do since the beginning. That left us who had been waiting forever still waiting …

sigh gif photo:  flleeff.gif

I HATE when they do that. But whatever. The X-ray was quick and painless and those of us waiting were able to see the insides of those who went before us which was kind of cool ;)

When I stepped of that bus and knew I was done I felt like this: